Protect Your Home From Contaminants

Find mold testing and removal services in Monroe Township, Old Bridge, Freehold, East Brunswick, NJ and the surrounding areas

If you suspect mold might be growing in your home, call Statewide Emergency Restoration Services immediately. We'll test the air in your property and send samples to our lab. Once we've analyzed them, we'll send you the report and go over it with you.

Hire us to help keep your property safe from mold. Call 732-238-3366 now for 24-hour mold testing service in Monroe Township, Old Bridge, Freehold, East Brunswick, NJ or nearby communities.

mold removal in Monroe Township, Old Bridge, Freehold, NJ

Get rid of mold for good

Mold can form anywhere that's humid. Its growth can be caused by:

  • Slow leaks from your washing machine
  • Plumbing issues in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Severe weather or flooding
If left untreated, mold can cause all kinds of structural and health issues. The team at Statewide Emergency Restoration Services uses innovative technology to remove mold and treat affected areas. We adhere to industry guidelines to sanitize your home. Our team will work efficiently to dehumidify your space, eliminate mold and filter your indoor air.

Contact us ASAP for comprehensive mold removal service in and around the Monroe Township, Old Bridge, Freehold & East Brunswick, NJ areas.